Law Office's History


Khemarin Law Group (KLG), established in 2023 by a group of former co-founders of Khmer Law Office & Associates included Mr. Khov Pich, Mr. Chan Hoeun, and Mr. Thoeung Puthearith which established since 2005.  Khemarin Law Group (KLG) recognized by letter number 001/BAKC-PO/23 dated 11 January 2023 with register number LG-001/23, where located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

we are members of the Bar Association of Kingdom of Cambodia and practicing lawyers over ten years in the areas of commercial, civil sector,  criminal section and others sectors.  In addition, Khemarin Law Group (KLG) shall offers local and international legal services for all aspects of business development under Cambodian and International Law with confidence and integrity.

Khemarin Law Group (KLG) is a Cambodian law group offering local and international legal services. Our full qualified lawyers will assist you with all aspects of business development under Cambodian Laws. We partner with our clients in the public and private sectors and with local and international organizations based in Cambodia. We provide the highest level legal services to ensure our clients take advantage of all opportunities available to them. We help them meet their critical challenges and provide them with quality legal services and assistance that will ensure they are well-placed for future growth and success.