A Chance to Invest In Cambodia

A Chance to Invest In Cambodia

Cambodia is now opening for free market and business, while its government takes a big interest in developing every factor to attract potential investors in to Cambodia. The target is now focusing on the Direct Investment which is believed as an essential element in development. 

At KLO, we believe legal compliance is one of the key deals in absorbing direct investment to Cambodia, and it the reasons that our lawyers and advisers are taking a big effort to ensure that our cooperate team has a solid background in this sectors. Clear understanding of both legal aspects and practices; push our law firm to be one of the leading business law firms in Cambodia, where professional legal services are confidentially provided 

By laws, Law on Commercial Enterprise and Investment Law, investors who are eligible enough could have a chance to invest in Cambodia through the proper registration at the Ministry of Commerce (MOC). Otherwise, a special investment incentive is granted by our government to those who are Qualified Investment Project (QIP). 

QIP stands for the Qualified Investment Project, a specially designated investment plan which achieves an approval from Cambodia Development Committee. QIP provides an investment incentive to investors which are an excuse from Cambodian government. Another prototype of QIP shall be considered as the special economic zone which is a special designated place owned by private investors which grant the approval from CDC as the Special Economic Zone. SEZ is created as the wings of business development in Cambodia through CDC. Each business or investment which runs in the premise of SEZ shall also be the subject to the investment incentive. Considering an investor who wants the investment project being recognized as the qualified investment project, but such plan is not eligible enough to apply for it to CDC. Even this, such project will not loss its chance to get the investment incentive, since the investor shall have a choice to operate their business through SEZ. The ways to operate are through either leasing or buying. 

What can we do?

Khmer Law Office & Associates tries its best to become one of the leading cooperate law firms in Cambodia. We have a team who get deep experience as law practitioners where we can assist our client with our professional legal services to achieve their business goals. Currently, we are working on a project to create the SEZ near Vietnamese border. The scope of works included issuing legal opinion in connection to the creation of SEZ, land Due Diligence, holding structure, sale purchase transaction, applying for the approval of creation of SEZ, and a final steps of producing legal papers for all business transactions for our client through SEZ.

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